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OMM offers 3-way online training affiliate rewards recurring income system for online entrepreneurs.

Online Training Program Online Training
Affiliate Rewards Affiliate Rewards
Recurring Income Recurring Income
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We Have Trained & Built A Community of Successful Entrepreneurs

Signup with us – it’s FREE to register and try our system. Once satisfied you can upgrade to our premium membership which will cost you only $10 to unlock all premium features including online training videos, eBooks, reports, case studies and online webinars. We are not going to teach you how to view ads or take on fraudulent data entry jobs, but rather we will train you on how to become a successful online entrepreneur with our more than 100 online courses. Additionally, you will be able to earn by referring other people to our online training program and make recurring income on a monthly basis from your referrals. To start working, all you need to do is register with our system, get trained and get your affiliate link, then start promoting/posting to social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg and several other platforms (please find a complete list of social media websites under your account in the members’ area). This opportunity is not only for internet geeks, but anyone who can market his/her referral link to family members, co-workers, college and university students. You can even tell people on the street and at markets about this system.

How Does It Work?

There are three different ways in our system to become a successful online entrepreneur, which differentiate it from other traditional platforms. Firstly, we have more than 100 online courses divided into a monthly basis to make sure you are achieving maximum results from our teaching methods. In our online training program you will learn how to work from home by 100 different methods, from freelancing to building your own ecommerce website, and even doing legal business in the USA and Europe while sitting in any third world country. Imagine, you will have 100 courses during your premium membership with us and every month and you will be implementing a different strategy (copy & paste) to generate an income online. Secondly, we have a referral reward program where you can refer your friends, coworkers or family members to our online training program and make money. If you refer 1 member to us you will get 50% reward which is $5 and every month you will receive 30% which is $3 from each premium member.

  • You will learn 100 different methods from our online training program
  • You will receive a 50% commission when you refer a member to us with your affiliate link
  • You will then earn a 30% recurring income every month from your referral.
  • Online Training Program
  • Affiliate Rewards
  • Recurring Income

What I Will Get & How Much I Can Earn?

Now, you must be thinking, what I will get from you for my purchase and efforts? The answer is very simple - you will learn and discover new ways of earning online if you follow the exact step-by-step instructions provided in our training courses. We also have a referral reward program where you can refer your friends, coworkers and family members to our online training program and make money. If you refer 1 member to us you will get a 50% reward which is $5, and every month you will receive 30% which is $3 from each premium member when they renew their monthly subscription. Please find below the course outline for first month and two tables demonstrating the possible money you can make from affiliate rewards and recurring income.

  • Month 1 How to buy cheap from one website and sell high on another .
  • Month 2 How to search profitable affiliate products, rank them on Google’s first page within 72 hours and earn affiliate commissions.
  • Month 3 How to create money by making Facebook fan pages and selling them for profit.
  • Month 4 How to get royalty-free content, create kindle eBooks and sell on various platforms.

Affiliate Rewards

# Affiliates Commission Bonus
1 4 $20.00 Nill
2 16 $80.00 Nill
3 64 $320.00 Nill
4 256 $1280.00 Nill
5 1024 $5120.00 Nill
6 4096 $20480.00 Nill

Monthly Recurring Income

# Affiliates Earning Per Month
1 4 $6.00 $6.00
2 16 $36.00 $42.00
3 64 $168.00 $210.00
4 256 $720.00 $930.00
5 1024 $2976.00 $3906.00
6 4096 $5494.00 $9400.00
Real World

ExampleLet's take a real world example: you are referring 256 people so you will get a one-time payment of $1280.00 and every month you will receive $930.00 recurring income.

Why You Are Charging Only $10?

Why are we charging only $10 while other online companies are charging anywhere between $49 to $1400 per month for enrollment and online learning? There is a very simple reason behind this - we want every student and work-from-home moms and dads to enroll in our system with a fee that can be affordable, so they will be able to start learning and making money online with the more than 100 different methods we are offering to our premium members.

Just give it a try because $10 is equal to one lunch (KFC Burger) or one purchase when you buy a casual t-shirt from a market. So why not invest $10 in your future to become a successful online entrepreneur and earn through our amazing system as well?

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