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About Us

The labor market is getting highly competitive, and companies are taking the necessary steps to downsize their workforce. Consequently, people are losing their jobs in droves and are resorting to online home based businesses just to make ends meet.

But the big question now is: will they become successful at it?

To this end, in 2012, three seasoned seo & online marketing experts took up the mantle and created a platform that teaches people how to become a successful online home based entrepreneur.

And onemillionman was born. The brainchild of JAF, who have seen it all in marketing and home based businesses, and are now charged with a mission to providing low-cost online training courses to work-at-home entrepreneurs.

As they say success leaves clues, At OMM, we have the right clues to lead you on that successful path to fulfilling your dreams. We ensure you have the most exhilarating experience of your life as you interact with our online training courses.

Who are we?

OneMillionman is social earning system and affiliate marketing system that takes you by hand and walk you through your affiliate networks so you can grow and better utilize them in a proper and effective way.

What we provide

We provide top notch social earning system with ready to promote marketing material to home based entrepreneurs that wish to become successful at what they do.

With a $97 lifetime premium membership and monthly subscription renewals, you get access to our premium features.

What makes us thick?

When it comes to online trainings for home based entrepreneurs, it’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff, and that’s where we stand out;

  • Our platform provides top notch marketing strategies with promotional material that you can benefit from.
  • We walk you by hand through our step-by-step earning system.
  • Our system is prepared by seasoned and well known online entrepreneurs.
  • You get real value, even with our low-cost monthly membership fee.
  • You earn 50% commission which is $50 ("Affiliate Rewards") for your referrals and level income from your referrals of referrals up to 6 levels starting from $10, $5, $2, $2, $2 respectively.
  • We have very simple and diverse payment methods; PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney and ePin.
  • Our global presence is not restricted to country or area.

Becoming a home based entrepreneur is within the reach of anyone that is ready to take their future in their hands. But what is more important is pitching your tent with those that know what it takes to become successful in this field.

The revolution to be your own boss has already begun; we will be glad to lead you on that successful path.

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