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Please find below the lis of frequently asked questions. If in any case you think we are missing something please let us know by filling our contact us form. We would be more than happy to assist you.

The OMM is an social earning and affiliate marketing system designed to help you learn, grow and manage your affiliate marketing network and utilize your network in proper and effective way. For more information on how it works, click here. To view an overview of the available features included, click here.

Absolutely not! The OMM was designed with simplicity in mind. Our members range from those new to the industry and computers, to seasoned internet marketers who require the most cutting-edge advanced features available – and everyone in between. PS: If you can use facebook, twitter and other social media websites – you can use The OMM System. Online Earning & Automation is one of our strengths.

We offer a FREE registration and try our system and its features (not premium). Because we want you to test-drive the system with no risk. We know you’re gonna love it! Following your free trial, we offer lifetime premium account level ($97.00 Lifetime) that are loaded with promotional material, marketing resources and training.

Great question! There are several reasons. First, we use our own team's expertise and experience to build this amazing social earning system and also we hire international online entrepreneurs so we save lot of cost here that inflates the monthly cost. Second, we own the system and, therefore, do not have a client that needs to be paid. We simply pass these savings directly to you! And, finally, we have been in this industry for 4 years and it has been very good to us – we simply want to give something back!.

You bet! We offer video presentations, explainer video, banners, pre-written material, follow-up messages and professionally written email campaigns ready for you to start work. Plus, a highly trained "support team" to get your questions answered and a whole lot more!.

There are three different ways in our system to become a successful online entrepreneur, which differentiate this system from other traditional platforms. Firstly,Marketing & Promotional Material - You will get ready to use promotional and marketing stuff and tools to become a successful online entrepreneur. Secodnly, Affiliate Rewards - $50 commission you will get when you referred a member to us with your affiliate link. Thirdly, You will be earning from your "referrals of referrals" up to 6 levels with 10% check match bonuses.

Tons of Resources! Yes, we are offering more than 20 different tools and techniques based on videos, presentations, banners, pre-written emails, follow up messages and explainer video. These things will teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur and make money online.

In our system, a affiliate reward is equivalent to a member you referred to us with your affiliate link, and you will be earning $50.00 for each paid referrer under your account. Let's take a real world example of Person "A" is joining OMM and referring 20 members so his referral earnings would be 20 X $50.00 = $1000.00.

Let's assume Person "A" is joining our system with your affiliate link and starting bringing members and those members bring more members this is called level income ( income from your "referrals of referrals" ) up to 6 levels.

Let's assume Person "A" is joining our system with your affiliate link and pay one time premium membership $97, you will be getting $50 (50%) this is called "Affiliate Reward" and when same person (Person A) brings person "B" this is your level income(2nd Level)so you will be getting $10 on your 2nd level this is called in-direct affiliate rewards (because Person "B" is not your direct affiliate he was referred by Person "A" not by you so Person "B" is your in-direct affiliate). similarly, you can make money from 6 Levels.

We pay on weekly basis to our affiliates, during public holidays we pay before schedule. In order to get your affiliate earnings you must get a lifetime premium membership that costs only $97 with us.

We have several payment processors based on your country and location including, PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney, Bank Transfer and International Wire.

Don't you worry because we are not going to do anything! in this case you would be able to login, use your members area, promote your affiliate link, get existing training courses. However you won't be able to withdraw your earnings, you won't be able to see and use new courses and trainings. If your earnings reaching to $97 or more than $97 then our system will automatically deduct your premium membership and remaining earnings would be credited to your account.

If you are not able to pay online, you can pay by offline methods available in your members area based on your country and local representative. Please login to your members area and click on "Payment Methods".

Oppppps! We are sorry but you cannot transfer your account or earnings to any other user or member within the system or outside the system, however in some special cases that include your death, major accident, mental disability: company will have a right to transfer your earnings to your family members(wife, son, daughter, mother, father or charity in your country). In any case company or company's share holders will not retain your earnings.