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Our ready to use marketing material includes banners, promotional messages, videos, presentations and explainer videos. We are not going to teach you how to view ads or take on fraudulent data entry jobs, but rather we will train you on how to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Enjoy 3-Way Compensation Plan

We are offering 3-way compensation plan which has a referral reward program where you can refer your friends, coworkers and family members to our online training program and make money. If you refer 1 member to us you will get a 50% reward which is $50.00, and you will receive income from your "referrals of referrals" up to 6 levels. Additionally, you will receive 10% check match bonus on direct affiliates after you refer 25 premium member to our system.

  • Direct Affiliate Rewards
  • In-Direct Affiliate Rewards Up To 6 Levels
  • Check Match Bonuses

In our system, an affiliate reward is equivalent to a member you referred to us with your affiliate link, and you will earn $50.00 for each paid referrer under your account. Let's look at a real world example: Person "A" is joining OMM and referring 20 members, so his referral earnings would be 20 X $50.00 = $1000.00

Affiliates One Time Earning Bonus
5 5 x $50 = $250 Nill
25 25 x $50 = $1250 10%
125 125 x $50 = $6250 10%
625 625 x $50 = $31250 10%
3125 3125 x $50 = $156250 10%
15625 15625 x $50 = $781250 10%

Simply, affiliates of your affiliates. So you will receive income from your "affiliates of affiliates" up to 6 levels. Let's take a real world example: you referred 5 people, it would be your first level and when these 5 referred their 5 each it would be your 2nd level. Similarly you would be able to earn up to 6 levels starting from $50, $10, $5, $2, $2 and $2 respectively.

Level Commission
Level 1 $50.00
Level 2 $10.00
Level 3 $5.00
Level 4 $2.00
Level 5 $2.00
Level 6 $2.00

You also have the ability to match a percentage of all the commissions earned by everyone you directly enrolled. You will match up to 10% of the entire downline commission at Level 1. You must have 25 premium members under your downline to bank 10% check match bonus in your account.