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Refund Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. We want you to feel comfortable about transacting business with One Million Man. Due to the nature of the One Million Man business, the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, and the monthly commissions paid out to our affiliates, there is a strict 3-day return policy which begins on the date of your purchase. Therefore, we will not accept any refund requests after 3-days of doing business. If the original purchase included a free trial period, you must cancel your order before the free trial period has expired or within 3-days of the original purchase or whichever time period is greater.

Refunds within the 3-day grace period are not automatically applied with any cancellation requests. Three days is equal to three calendar days.

After Refund Policy

If a purchase is refunded for any reason, it is understood that the purchaser was not satisfied with the product or service and we may permanently refuse any future sales to that purchaser. If the purchase is refunded due to a duplicate transaction or similar, the refusal of future purchases may be null and void at our discretion.

One Million Man is committed to providing each customer with exceptional service. Should you have a request for a refund, submit your request at http://www.onemillionman.com/contact.php